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Norggo Brand

KNOEBEL. The minimalist design

KNOEBEL. The minimalist design

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  • NO STAINS OR BAD ODORS. Norggo bags are manufactured with Eco-Friendly, anti-odor materials. They also have a double layer to avoid leaks and a handle at the base to throw the garbage in the container without getting dirty.
  • NEW HANDLES AND REINFORCEMENTS. We have improved them to prevent them from breaking or unraveling so that your recycling bags support all the necessary weight. 
  • ADAPTED TO ANY SPACE. Place your bags in the position you want thanks to our velcro system and when you don't need them, fold and store them anywhere. The size of each bag is 50 (height) x 25 (width) x 30 (depth) cm.
  • EXTRA REINFORCEMENTS. If you're looking for quality bags, this set of 3 bags with reinforcing rods is an ideal choice, just as convenient as the rigid recycling bins.
  • CLEANLINESS AND SUSTAINABILITY. You can easily clean your recycling bags with water and use them over and over again. And when their life is over, you can easily recycle the bags.
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Why choose Norggo?


Customer is always first in our thinking and decision-making.


We only use the highest quality materials. What makes our bags more durable and contributes to the circular economy.


All the bags and their accessories are made of 100% polypropylene. Polypropylene is a chemical component that can be recycled up to 6 times and has a very low environmental impact, which is why it is considered one of the most ecological plastics that exists.

Attention to Detail

Experts in taking care of every small detail.

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